Wolfborne are a hard rock quartet from Vancouver, Canada.
"In The Beginning" is the debut album from the band. It started as a project to create an album that would redefine this generation’s Rock music and with the help of producer Garth Richardson the plans
were put in place. Pre-production of the album began with guitarist Lanning Kann of Dodging Daylight, songwriter Ken Goode of Stand Down, and engineer Nick Rowe of Bloodsimple. Together they wrote many songs that were then sifted through by Garth to create a solid, powerful, and magnetizing album.

Inspiration was taken from so many various genres that songs have been likened to artists such as Iggy Pop and Soundgarden to Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie. The album takes many different paths but is all centered around an intense drum and bass groove. From the fast-paced, punk style of “Cannonball,” to the hard and sexy “Funky Town,” this album has something for everyone and more. The album was recorded at The Farm Studios in Vancouver, BC with vocalist Chris Witoski of SplitTRACT and drummer Issah Contractor of Famous Players. Garth, along with engineer Ben Kaplan, worked tirelessly with the guys to create a monumental album. It was then sent to Josh Wilbur for mixing and Brock McFarlane for mastering. With so many uniquely talented people involved with this album it took on a sound that separated itself from everything else.

In May of 2014 the album was finished and the touring lineup was solidified with Chris on vocals, Lanning on guitar, drummer Rob Sheldrick of It’s Criminal and bassist Brett Nussbaum of Inside It Failed. Together they created an energizing live show that will slay crowds all around the globe. The lineup fit so well together that they decided to record an acoustic bonus track for the album before it was finalized.

The album is set for release in summer 2014 under Caroline/Universal distribution in Europe with a later date planned for North America. The band will be touring to support the album throughout later 2014 and all of 2015.


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