The Black Lights

The Black Lights are a collective of four (more or less) grown men who hail from the hills and dales of Central Scotland, formed in early 2006.

If you happen to be tired and sick of the re-processed hippity hop beats, affected accents that plague sanitised 'indie' like a drunken mistake and the whiny bubblegum melodrama of fringe-weilding teenagers then we are a band you can trust to offer a guilt-free and refreshingly honest alternative.

Steel-lunged vocals spitting out melodies that cling to your conscience with VD-like enthusiasm, enough riffz 'n' drumz to blow a hole deep enough for sans-bullshit lyrics to be fully absorbed and live shows that remind you just why sweaty lager soaked venues are infinitely preferable to listening at home with the volume at 4....that's us.