Painting Rockets

Painting Rockets, are a fierce female fronted alternative rock band from the heart of Scotland, Edinburgh. A mix of atmospheric layers and punk riffs, Painting Rockets are merging all their influences, from electronic to blues, to capture their gripping sound.

Starting off writing in 2014, the band have now recorded 2 self-produced EPs, most recently From The Debris released in August. Having only starting gigging this year, Painting Rockets have already played with household names such as Paramore (gaining the seal of approval from Hayley Williams herself), Banshee, The Virginmarys and are ready to tackle more stages! Focused on producing unique high quality music and representing the females in rock, Painting Rockets have gained the attention of people worldwide - from Malaysia, to France, to Australia and all over America and are currently arranging a UK tour to follow up on the EP’s success. Painting Rockets are a band full of multi-instrumentalists and BA Music graduates, proving they are a knowledgable force to be reckoned with and determined to hone their craft to the best of their abilities.

With emotionally driven lyrics and an unforgettable stage energy, Painting Rockets are ready to take off.


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