Iain James & The Sound

‘Saw Iain James and The Sound the other night and was most impressed, Iains guitar playing was superb and the band were as tight as a ducks arse’ - Tom Russell / Real XS Rock Radio

Iain James & The Sound are a Rock/Melodic group based in Glasgow, Scotland. They started as a musical seedling in 2012 and with a few line-up changes, an experimental album and some careful nurturing have grown into ‘the sound’ that you hear or may have heard others raving about today. They are 4 gallus guys and 2 gorgeous gals and a whole lot of musical instruments – which only the gear hounds will get excited about so we’ll leave that for the equipment inventory in their first book.

Musical influences in the group are wide and eclectic but classic Rock and melodic music of any genre would list in the bands inspirations. Lead vocalist and guitarist Iain James Forbes writes songs for the group. Being a fan of legendary guitar acts from the past such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Led Zeppelin and The Doors it may be easy to see why the band have a retro vibe going on.

So, apart from gigging, writing, rehearsing, snorkeling and skate boarding in the past year, what have they been up to?

They supported Red Sky July at King Tuts and earned themselves some great feedback from Ally McErlaine who is also guitarist in Texas. “Really enjoyed the band when we played together, great album too and he sure plays a cool guitar”
Ally McErlaine – Red Sky July / Texas

BBC Radio Scotland presenters Janice Forsyth and Ravi Sagoo both praised the bands music when they aired tracks on their respective radio shows. “Well crafted songs - that's for sure" - Janice Forsyth

Music promoter and author Robert Fields asked to use the bands logo on the front cover of his new e-book about the Glasgow rock music scene over 5 decades. He also asked the band to headline a gig night for the launch of his book which led to Super Jock - Tom Russel getting to watch the band do their thing. “This band are stunning, they have plenty of variety and are very radio friendly”.
Robert Fields - Music Promoter and Author of ‘Minstrels, Poets and Vagabonds’.

The group was nominated for a Scottish New Music Award.

They reached the Scottish final of ‘Rock the House’ competition. The judging panel on the evening consisted of Members of Parliament and local councilors and the fact they didn’t vote for Iain James & The Sound on the night only goes to prove MP’s know nothing about government or music either.

During their performance at the Kelso Motorbike Festival they were delighted to be joined on stage for a song by Don Powell who plays drums with super group Slade.

The band are currently studying Mandarin in between gigs, rehearsals and recording tracks for a new album to be released later this year. To keep up to date with our news, follow our facebook link and LIKE our page.