Gunfire 76

Gunfire 76 is a side-project of Joseph Poole, better known as Wednesday 13. It is a glam rock - glam metalband formed in North Carolina, USA in 2009. Poole teamed up with Todd Youth (of The Chelsea Smiles) to write and record a CD with, as Poole has mentioned in interviews, a more of a rock sound and without any horror themes, under the new band name "Gunfire 76." Rough mixes of the album's title track Casualties & Tragedies were uploaded onto the band's Myspace on August 12, 2009 for the fans to get an idea of what the band sounded like and the album debuted on October 6, 2009. In December 2009 they did a small UK Tour called "First Blood Tour" with the band Bullets and Octane.


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