Devil Sold His Soul

Devil Sold His Soul are an ambient influencedprogressive metal/post-hardcore band from the South of England signed to Small Town Records. Three of the band joined from Mahumodo, thought to be a pioneer of the British hardcore scene . They released their debut full-length album A Fragile Hope on 18 June 2007, having previously toured the UK for several years, along with the release of their debut mini-album Darkness Prevails, produced by Mark Williams. The band has finished recording its second full-length album, Blessed & Cursed (mixed by Steve Evetts) which was released on 18 June 2010. On 8 August 2010 they played at the Hevy Music Festival held near Folkestone, Kent, before embarking on a UK tour with metal group Architects. In January 2011, the band announced that bassist Iain Trotter has left the band to pursue a career outside of music. He has been replaced by Jozef Norocky, former guitarist of Rinoa. Mid-March 2013, Ed Gibbs announced that he would be leaving the band to also pursue a career outside of the band after the upcoming music festivals were over. In April, Paul Green, one of the two vocalists of The Arusha Accord, was recruited as their new singer.
Devil Sold His Soul signed a deal with the UK label Basick Records at the end of 2013, coinciding with the release of a music video for their single "Time". The band also announced that they would be releasing new music in 2014.

Current members
Paul Green - vocals (2013 - present),
Jonny Renshaw - guitar (2004 - present),
Richard Chapple - guitar (2004 - present),
Jozef Norocky - bass guitar (2011 - present),
Paul Kitney - samples (2004 - present),
Alex "Leks" Wood - drums (2007 - present),
Past members
Ed Gibbs - vocals (2004-2013) ,
Tom Harriman - drums (2004-2006),
Dave Robinson - drums (2006-2007),
Iain Trotter - bass guitar (2004-2011)