When you made the impact that Bigelf did in 2010 with their fourth album ‘Cheat The Gallows’ and the
subsequent tour, it’s inevitable that people expected the highly rated band from Los Angeles to hit hard
in 2011. But instead we got an astonishing silence. However, all that is about to change with the arrival
of ‘Into The Maelstrom’, a new album of melodic prog-doom that eccentric frontman Damon Fox believes
will take Bigelf to new heights. “I have been reflecting on the band and pondering what it would take to
get us to the next level, I believe we have accomplished this task on the new record.
The last three years for Fox have been confusing and difficult, to say the least, as he found the band he’d
worked so hard to establish suddenly dissipated. “I’d call our break a spontaneous hiatus. I did genuinely
feel that we’d go into 2011 with an album out early in the year, and then we’d build on what we had
achieved up until that point. Instead, we came to a standstill. The momentum had vanished, and it
halted the band. So, I was forced into an introspective state of hypersleep and had to contemplate my
future. I love the other guys in the band as brothers, and I am extremely grateful for they contributed to
help get Bigelf this far. I was heartbroken when that line-up came to an end but change nonetheless was
upon the band.
“Forging ahead, I didn’t feel that I could get it done on my own”, Fox admits. Thankfully, he found a
kindred spirit in famed drum god Mike Portnoy, with whom he’d bonded with in 2010 when Bigelf toured
with Dream Theater. “We hung out a lot back then, and got very close. Mike and I discussed how similar
our situations were with our respective bands going through our ‘Let It Be’ phases. This was around the
time when Mike had his dramatic press-laden departure from Dream Theater. I knew Mike loved Bigelf,
and he told me not to give up on it and to keep the band going. His encouragement really helped me to
carry on through dark times.”
"Getting the songs fully realized was something of a laborious experience", Fox explains. “In the past
while I had written most of the material, I always had a incredibly gifted band to bounce ideas off of and
we would often jam out to fully realize the song . But this time, I had to write, arrange and envision
everything on my own. Once I got the selection of songs together, I sent the demos to Portnoy (who had
agreed to play on the album). Mike is the busiest man in Prog, so the next time he was in LA, we laid
down the drums at Linda Perry's studio, Kung-Fu Gardens where we did ‘Gallows’. I also wrote a song
with her for the new album. The rest of the sessions and instrumentation were recorded at my home
studio ITM.
“I feel this album is going to prove to a lot of MP haters that Portnoy can really lay down a groove and
has a serious vibe as a drummer. It’s not just about his chops and his pyrotechnic style, for which he’s
known for, especially with Dream Theater. The feel and emotion in his playing on this record is really
unique and it’s unlike anything else he’s done before in my opinion” Lovable lefty bassist Duffy Snowhill,
who’s been with the band since 2000, is bringing his thundering Viking bass tones to the recording of ‘Into
The Maelstrom’. Luis Maldonado is also climbing aboard the Elf vessel for his first trek. “Luis is a close
friend who I’ve known for many years. He has his own band, Into The Presence, and works with a lot of
established artists as well. Luis is a phenomenal guitarist, he delivered some really blistering leads on the
new album. I'm supplied all of the rhythm guitar tracks and managed to squeeze in a few leads as well
too. People usually associate me with keyboards – and there are copious amount on the album, to be
certain – but originally Bigelf was founded around my guitar riffs, and it was really rewarding to be able
to play guitar again from a nucleus standpoint.”
‘Into The Maelstrom’ was produced by Fox (who also handles all the vocals), and believes this album
proves that Bigelf are now exploring alien musical landscapes. “There’s a fresh aura and energy on there
that’s completely different to our previous releases, but it also sounds like Bigelf. I view this album as
being very psychedelic cinematic. It has a ‘Mad Max’ post-apocalyptic feel – a futuristic world that’s
rather dirty and desolate filled with chaos and despair. The bludgeoning Sabbath guitars and “Karn-Evil”
keys are still there, but the modern setting is what makes the record have a creative edge.
While ‘Into The Maelstrom’ isn’t a concept album as such, Fox does reveal that there is a theme that
links much of his lyricism. “It’s about traveling through time into one’s past and into the future, to
experience and examine your pain and fears, in order to move forward in life. A lot of my baggage from
the my travels provides the cathartic inspiration. Deep, personal feelings like the tragic death of my best
friend and former Bigelf guitarist A.H.M. Butler-Jones. And my fears of mankind eventually destroying
itself a la, ‘Planet Of The Apes’. I suppose the opening song, ‘Incredible Time Machine’, sums it all up.”
Fox is clearly inspired and reinvigorated by the new focus Bigelf have made here. For him it’s not just
about how the album sounds, but also the process involved in getting there. “Making the record has
been a certain kind of journey. A few years ago I had to completely let go of Bigelf, which was painful
but it came back with force and vision. As such, the music began to shape from a different perspective
and I have been able to see an alternative way of accomplishing my goals. To me, ‘Into The Maelstrom’ is
a genesis, a bridge between the band and a larger audience. Strap yourselves in ladies and gentlemen,
you're in for a wild ride.”