"Acres are switched on and in tune with what a live performance needs – they cried out their songs with blistering passion from start to finish; their movements swift and agile, yet carried an aggressive, vicious integrity as they swung their instruments and stomped with unrestrained power – it was a truly awe-inspiring and intoxicating spectacle with an incredible, fresh sound."

"...With curdling riffs and crushing vocals, your attention is drawn to this band in an instant."

"Acres: entrancing, hypnotic and utterly cathartic. The artistic intimacy and poetic pride in their performance was outstanding and immersive."

"Acres are bringing an addictive, fresh sound to the UK music scene that you can’t truly appreciate until you've seen them live and felt their vicious yet elegant presence. They’re going to be a musical landmark before long, mark our words."

Creation Press:
"Acres are young and enthusiastic which comes across well in their set, with lead vocalist Ben Lumber engaging with the crowd throughout. Lumber’s vocals are formidable, both on record and during live performances, which is something that can set a band apart from the competition. More importantly, it helps in giving that all important energy boost to the heavier songs in their repertoire. Acres’ set is laced with dashes of melancholy and moody riffs pound underneath the melodies from start to finish. There’s sadness and anger as well and plenty of it, the kind of emotion that greatly empowers the furious melodic hardcore that the band excel at. There’s a lot that current bands could learn a lot from Acres, which is what I call “doing it right”. (8.5/10)


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